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[Chibil screams as the spell hits them, and the spell causes them severe burns. Seeing this, the general and Abiona attack the Zonevorian together, but…The alien being vanishes before their very eyes.]
Abiona: “What the!? Where’d they go!?” [Clearly beyond angry]
The general: [Doesn’t seem surprised] “This isn’t the first time they’ve pulled something like this. As for you-“ [He turns to glare at Abiona and so does everyone else, Sierra mentally goes ‘oh no’ and disappears into her house. Kaleth speaks up just then however.]
Kaleth: “General! Sir! This isn’t what it looks like! Miss Abiona clearly isn’t what we thought she was!”
The General: [dismissively] “Oh, what do you know? Not only are you a DRAGON of all things, your best friend is the daughter of the poorest person in the village and can’t be taken seriously on any topic.” [glares down at Kaleth, who looks ashamed and backs up.]
Kaleth: “Sorry sir…” [Runs off, and before she does, there is a shot of tears running down her face. Abiona sees that and anger boils up in her again and turns quickly to face the general.]
Abiona: “Hey! I don’t have any idea what’s going on around here, and why you lot are so upset with me, or what this ‘magic’ is all about, but that wasn’t cool! She didn’t do anything wrong, and what does her being a dragon have to do with ANYTHING?” [Throws up her hands in anger]
The general: [Narrows his eyes, grabs her wrist] “You know very well why we’re upset with you, Abiona The Destroyer. Now come with me or else!”
Abiona: “No I DON’T know what you’re upset with me for! Now let go of me!” [Attempts to pull away from the general, but before she can, a man jabs her in the back with a gemstone, clearly using a spell, and she goes down with a thud.] Editing note: When editing and re-writing this scene, make sure to clarify what spell is used and what type of spell it is.
The General: [looks to the man] “Thank you…Take her to the prison and we’ll deal with her later. And have Sierra and Kaleth come to the barracks. Those two need a serious talking-to.”
Kaleth: [Peeks out of her hiding place, whispers] “Uh-oh…”
Set Scene: The Desert of Shimmering Sand, Theo’s Base
Theo: “Where has that idiot Zonevorian gone now?” [Asking one of the members of his army, a griffin named Gale, who is much smaller than Theo and is also male.]
Gale: “I think she went to go and try out her old stupid plan of trying to kill the human general by herself before trying any serious plans.”
Theo: “Gale, I’ve told you before, Zonevoreians don’t have a sex or gender, they reproduce asexually, therefore Chibil and her kind go by They/Them pronouns-WAIT THEY DID WHAT?!” [realizes what Gale said halfway into his sentence]
Gale: [Simply nods] “Yup.”
Theo: “Oh not again…” [Groans, drops his head]
Gale: “How much you wanna bet she turns up here wanting treatment again?”
Theo: “I bet so…and again, Gale, THEY, not she.”
Just because a movie stars a female lead doesn't make it a feminist propaganda movie.
If the sole purpose of the character you created is to promote their gender, sexuality, race or disability, then you failed at creating a character.
[As the fight is happening, Abiona looks out of the house, her cloak around her body. She watches the fight for a moment before stepping out of the shadows and yelling.]
Abiona: “HEY! YOU!” [everyone turns to look at her and there are a few gasps. Kaleth and Sierra get ‘oh crap…we are in trouble’, and the general and Chibil look shocked.]
Chibil: [Screeches] “YOU?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!”
The General: “Abiona the Destroyer…”
Abiona: “I don’t know what’s going on here, I really don’t, but You-“ [She points at Chibil] “-Just injured someone I’m in debt to. Am I going to have to hurt you?”
Chibil: [looks incredibly nervous, they take a step back]
Abiona: [Smirks] “Wanna take the chance that I can kick your ass?” *mentally* ‘Oh god oh god oh god What Am I DOING!?’
Chibil: [Pauses for a moment, then rage crosses their face] “YES!” [Attacks Abiona, but before an attack can hit her, the general grabs the zonevorian’s tentacle, yanks them back, sending them flying into the ground in front of the crowd. The crowd screams and jumps back, Kaleth retreats back into her hiding place. The general and Abiona go to stand in front of the downed Zonevorian.]
The general: “Are you still going to try to fight? You’re outnumbered now.” [Chibil just hisses, getting to their feet easily, Abiona takes a step back and glances at the general.]
Abiona: “What are we gonna do?”
The general: [Simply] “Fight. But do you have any gemstones on you?”
Abiona: “What? Why would I-?”
Kaleth: “MISS ABIONA! CATCH!” Editing note: Abiona can use magic without the use of a gemstone, this will be revealed later on, she doesn’t know and no one else knows either. Keep this in mind. [Kaleth throws a shard of a gemstone to Abiona, then calls to her.] “Miss Abiona! You can use that gemstone to channel magic through your body and enable yourself to use it!”
Abiona: “What?! How do I do that!?”
Kaleth: “Just concentrate and it’ll happen! I recommend you use the purifying magic spell White Storm! Just call out the name of the spell once the magic’s been channeled through your body and the spell will happen!”
Abiona: “O-okay!” [The general is fighting the Zonevorian in the background, he yells at Abiona to hurry up] Editing note: Make up more spell names, make this scene more action packed in the next draft instead of so exhibition heavy.
The general: “Hurry up you crazy witch!”
Abiona: “Hey! No need for name calling!” [She’s clearly angry but shoves down the emotion and concentrates on channeling the magic through her body. Within moments, a strange feeling covers her body, and she gasps, thinking to herself.] ‘What is this power I feel….it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before….It’s amazing….but I suppose I should get to using this spell.’
Abiona: “WHITE STORM!” [Magic shoots out from her whole body, and swirls around her body for a moment before the storm of magic is blasted at the angry Zonevorian. The general has to leap out of the way to avoid being hit by it.]
Goal: reach 6000 words on The Crystal Shapeshifter by this Friday.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hey everyone! My name's Duska, but you can call me Thunder or Writer. I don't mind either. I'm in the process of creating a webcomic called Dragon's Ashes, which is still in the worldbuilding stage. I currently have two character references, which are below.

Abiona Character Reference by NakainRimmel
Caelia Character Reference by NakainRimmel headshot of Abiona Snailman on Iscribble drew for me. Thanks dude!

You can find more info on Dragon's Ashes here: writeralsoadragon.deviantart.c…

I'm also in the process of developing a minecraft fancomic, but don't have any info on it on my DA account yet.
I also have a youtube account, which is here:…

My DA sis: :iconcoolkhgirl:
I also have a group here: :iconliterature-showcase: and I'm an admin of :iconbonfirecorner:

Featured Artwork: Mystic Dragon by DreadNot7

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